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I will first list places and my connections with them. For the spirit of completeness, I will then list other places, known to me but not visited. I choose not to list the unknown.

I like the section entitled Places I Wish I Had Visited.

My focus is places and locations which existed from 1953, when I moved to Dallas, until 1965, when I graduated from high school. This list will continue with my college years, until I turned 21. I left Dallas in 1969 and, as I did not return except to visit my parents until 1973, my memory of East Dallas ends at that time.

Some categories were easy to separate – restaurants and shopping. Some experiences are not so easy to categorize, but are still meaningful. They may be all lumped in together, and then teased out as other connections are made.

Music wise, we may have thought we were born of the “wrong generation.” I always thought the older generation (i.e. 3 to 4 years older than me) had a richer and deeper experience.

But we, the beginning of the Baby Boomer generation, had it best – stable family life, rising expectations for the middle class and parents who wanted to give so much to their children, which most did not have in their childhood. We were left to play and roam outdoors to make our own fun. We had the best toys and the best music.

And yet we lived in tumultuous times – the Cold War, Civil Rights, Integration and the Kennedy Assassination through the killings of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

Hopefully we came out as loving, caring, sharing adults whose experiences made us better people and gave us the ability to show appreciation and gratitude for the neighborhood and experiences which enriched us and our loved ones.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Boy Scouts in the White Rock Area

What we know about Scouting in the White Rock Area:

Troop 50 was the first Scout troop in existence since 1943.  Sponsored by the Reinhardt Dad’s Club which was organized on November 11, 1940 through the interest and leadership of Jack Hudson.

Pack 50, also sponsored by the Reinhardt Dad’s Club, may have started the same time.

Troop 50 was crying for adult leadership, but none was available due to the lack of male adults gone to fight in World War II.

In May of 1948, a Court of Honor was for Troop 50, their first.  Now sponsored by White Rock United Methodist Church.

By August 1948, Troop 50 became Troop 36, which was their own Court of Honor.  At 34 scouts, the troop is full and has a waiting list for applications.  Thirty-four scouts are in the troop.

Lakeview Christian Church has been approved to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop.  Troop 536 (another article says 538) has Jimmy Gross as Scoutmaster in June 1949.

Pack 50 is going strong in the late 1940s and in 1949 Roy Atkins is chosen as Cubmaster.  (He was my Cubmaster in 1954-1957).

His wife is making plans in June 1949 for a Brownie Day Camp to be held at Dixy Branch on White Rock Lake, running from June 20 through July 1st.

*The first Scoutmaster selected was Dr. Billy A Looney.  He is a professor at Baylor Dental College and is an Eagle Scout.

In September 1949 a new Cub Pack is organized at White Rock United Methodist Church, H.S. Bohannon is the Cubmaster.

Explorer Post 36 has been organized at White Rock United Methodist Church with L. Lee Woodham, former Reinhardt Dad’s Club President, as Chairman.

The 1950 Scout Exposition will take place Friday and Saturday at the General Exhibits Building on the State Fairgrounds.  Pack 50, Troop 36, Post 36 and Pack 36 will all have booths.  25,000 are expected to attend.

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